Not all super heroes wear capes

Recently our wee family has gone through  a fair bit of stress.  Stress in our house (DIY nightmares, dodgy workmen, burst pipes…the lot).  Stress in health, there’s been heart attack and a pacemaker, chronic arthritis, a minor back injury and a seizure…all in 3 months!  Enough Already!

Most folk go through testing times, but when there’s the childcare of a babba involved it throws a proper ‘baby shaped’ spanner in the works.  As we were in a bit of a pickle,  my folks, who are in their seventies (sorry mum), stepped up their childcare assistance and started looking after Wee C, 3-4 days a week.

If you asked me 3 or 4 years ago, how I would feel with my parents living with me 3 or 4 nights a week, I’d have run a mile! No Way! They’d cramp my style.  They’d be suffocating.  I wouldn’t be able to relax.

Fast forward to me being a REALLY BUSY working mum of a toddler and I could not appreciate them more.  I love being able to hand Wee C over to my folks when ColD and I are rushing out in the morning.  I adore that when I’m trying to get ready/dry my hair, Wee C will crawl down the hall into the spare room, as she knows she’ll be met with the biggest cuddles and I love settling down at the end of the night, when Wee C is tucked up in bed a shooting the breeze/watching TV with them. This week I introduced my dad to Limmy   and no surprise – he loved it!

The love of grandparents really is special isn’t it?  When ColD’s parents look after Wee C all I can hear is laughter, as our funny wee girl knows that she can make her Nana so happy and she thrives off her laughter! Her baby whale  impression is particularly good.

However that said, there are of course some disadvantages of grandparents providing chidcare,

Declining health and energy levels being the main ones

I have no doubt that Wee C will get away with more mischief with her grandparents, than with us AND I know that she will be given treats that I wouldn’t agree with – e.g long before I had given Wee C sugar she had already been given chocolate by one set of grandparents and apple pie and ice cream by the others!    But hey, isn’t that what grandparents are for?

But there are also many advantages :

  1. They are an extra layer of love and protection
  2. They do not have day to day housework chores to juggle whilst looking after her.
  3. They give her their undivided loving attention
  4. They are a little less ‘obsessed’ with phones and social media
  5. They want to go out and about as much as possible, with the sole intention of ‘showing off’ their granddaughter
  6. They have so many songs and stories to share, than we ever could on our own

One of our biggest regrets, is that we haven’t blessed our parents with their first grandchild till now.  Both sets of grandparents had to wait till they were in their seventies before they met their granddaughter.

So it’s my hopes that both our parents go through the next months..years with as little health worries as possible.  I wish them some great times ahead with their little granddaughter.   I hope that Wee C will grow up knowing how awesome her grandparents are, as she really is truly lucky to have the four of them in her life.


So i promise to keep quiet, when Wee C has the tell tale smudge of chocolate around her mouth, or settles late in bed because Papa allowed her to snuggle and snooze for an extra day time nap…as there is no love like it.

Thank you mum and dad (and mum and dad d) you are so amazing and all 14 feet of us appreciate you so much.  You truly are Super heroes …xxx


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