Don’t you, forget about us..

I’m going to start of this blog post by saying my timing is all wrong!  i’ve not timed this well.  As my first week back at work finishes, I have been on a high.  I have not only managed a week back without tears or pangs of wishing i was at home – but I’ve loved it. I feel more energised, more full of creativity and more passionate about my work than i’ve felt in a long time!   Now the key to a successful ‘juggle’ and ‘work life balance’ is to have some awesomeness planned for the weekend! Here’s where it falls down.  Col D is on back shift all weekend (leaves the house at 1pm and does not return till nearly 1am) and yes, I’ll admit it, i was so focused on going back to work I hadn’t contacted anyone to see if we (Wee C and I) could hang out with them over the weekend.

CAVEAT:  Up till recently, having a new baby, we have obviously made some adjustments in our lives.  There have been no last minute weekends away, no spontaneous drinks on a school night (or weekend night), no massive long phone calls (texts are much better) and big sit down dinners have been a bit of a rare occurrence.

But.  (unlike Sir Mix-a-lot, I don’t like big but’s) the dangerous pits of social media is reading about the awesome times your friends are all having.  Gigs (Stone Roses are in town), House Parties, Nights out (those tell tale photos of plates of food and cocktails).  There’s group photos of smiling friends squeezing under a selfie stick.  There’s the post about how bad the hangover is and the post about how ‘we’re never drinking again!’.    Last night (friday night) Wee C went to sleep at 9pm and I poured myself a very welcome glass of chilled white wine and sat down to watch  Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

I managed 2 episodes and i didn’t quite finish my glass of wine and I trundled up the stairs to bed.  ROCK ON.  So what am i mumping about?  Is it because I’m an ex party monster.  Is it because I’m a new mum. Or is it just because I don’t want to miss out on a good time, but please friends of folk with wee ones, don’t forget about us.  We are still the same people. We still love the same music. We still love eating the same gorgeous food.  We still find the same things funny/entertaining.  So chances are, we would’ve loved to have been invited to that night out /  that gig /  that dinner party etc.   It might not always be possible, due to the little ones in our lives, but I reckon all my friends with babbas feel the same as me.  It’s quite lonely being a new parent and it’d be lovely for our friends to ask us what we’re up to at the weekend.

It is a two way street of course.  When was the last time I called you? Or asked you to go out? hmmmm? I guess now I’ve gone back to work, I’ve finally stepped out of my baby bubble and back into the real world, that I used to inhabit and i’ve realised that I’d like it, very much, if the two worlds could merge a wee bit more often.

So, as Simple Minds so eloquently said..when you’re planning your next night out (or in) – “Don’t, forget about me”.

In the meantime, I am going to go (Window) shopping with Wee C today and I am going to make myself a tasty (instagram worthy) dinner and i might even rustle up a bloody mary for 1.   Table for 1 please! 🙂

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  1. True words indeed. It can be a lonely place once babies in bed and husbands at work. FOM and social media overdrive. I’d be surprised if parents never felt it. I actually miss long phone calls like the ones I had in my teens. That would probably satisfy my socialising needs and not require me to get changed out of my mum clothes!!xxx

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